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Learning Principles

Learning Principles

At Birchwood we believe that the ability to learn is paramount and generic to all areas of the curriculum. The concept of Learning Principles has been developed to assist in the ability to learn.

A description of the learning principles follows:

  1. Persisting - Sticking to it. See a task through to completion, and remain focussed. Able to lock onto learning and to resist distractions either from outside or within.
  2. Listening with Understanding and Empathy - Devote mental energy to another person's thoughts and ideas. Hold your own thoughts in abeyance so you can better perceive another person's point of view and emotions.
  3. Thinking Flexibly - Look at a situation another way. Find a way to change perspectives, generate alternatives and consider options.
  4. Questioning and Posing Problems - How do you know? Develop a questioning attitude, consider what data is needed and choose strategies to produce that data. Find problems to solve.
  5. Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision - Be clear. Strive for accurate communication in both written and oral form. Avoid overgeneralisations, distortions and deletions.
  6. Taking responsible risks - Venture out. Live on the edge of your competence.
  7. Applying past knowledge to new situations - Use what you learn, access prior knowledge, transferring that knowledge beyond the situation in which it was learned.
  8. Thinking Interdependently - Work together. Truly work with and learn from others in reciprocal situations.

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