School Zone

School Zone

Birchwood School has a zoning policy in place. Please see the map below that indicates our home zone boundaries. Alternatively, head to this link and input your address to find out which school zone you live in.

Some points to note:

In the situation of a shared care arrangement students must reside at least 50% of the time at the in-zone address indicated on the enrolment form.

• The residential address given must be permanent address (ie. you will need to live there for at least 3 months).

• If you enrol at an address within the home zone and then later move out of our zone your child is still entitled to attend our school, however, any subsequent siblings who have not yet started school will not have automatic enrolment rights at our school and will need to go through the ballot process to gain entry.

• Providing incorrect or false residential address detail on an enrolment will result in the cancellation of the enrolment and removal from the school.

• Information about enrolment schemes is available from the Ministry of Education website :

• If you live out of zone and wish to send your child to our school we may make some spaces available each year through a ballot system. This would depend on the amount of in-zone enrolments we have and consequently the amount of space, if any, available.