Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) is designed to improve the behaviour and well-being of children and young people. At Birchwood we use PB4L as our school-wide and long term approach to improve student engagement, behaviour and to develop our own positive school culture. 

We have a PB4L team that meets regularly to look at what is happening in our school using the information we gather and we respond to this information to make improvements for our tamariki, our kaiako and our kura. 

Our GROW values

PB4L is a values based programme and each school develops their own set of values for the behaviours and attitudes that their community feel are important for their children. 

At Birchwood we have our GROW values that focus of Grit, Respect, Owning actions and Whanaungatanga. We teach our ākonga about these values and we reward them when they are able to demonstrate these in their learning and behaviour. 

Children earn 'GROW Can tokens' for showing our GROW values and these are recorded by their teacher. As they earn more tokens they receive their GROW values certificates throughout the year. 

20 Grow Cans

50 Grow Cans

90 Grow Cans

110 Grow Cans